contact lenses to meet your specific needs

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Soft disposable contact lenses:

Whether you are looking for daily or monthly contact lenses, you will find them at Focus 313! We carry the brands you know and love to keep you seeing your best. Let us help you find the right lenses to meet your vision and lifestyle needs. 

Toric or Astigmatic contact lenses:

Don’t let your astigmatism prevent you from wearing contact lenses. We carry a variety of astigmatic lenses to give you the clarity you desire in a contact lens. 

Multifocal contact lenses:

Always carry your reading glasses with you when you wear your contacts? Say bye to those readers and hello to multifocal contact lenses, which allow patients to see clearly at all distances. 

Colored contact lenses:

We have the most breathable and newest technology of colored contact lenses in a wide variety of colors! 

Scleral and RGP contact lenses:

These specialty contact lenses are used to help patients with high prescriptions, surgically altered corneas or to treat various corneal diseases, such as dry eyes or keratoconus.